JRNL101 – Portraits: Jemima


In the continuing attempt at the the harrowing task that is our annoyingly verbose and vague assignment, Jemima resides in the library, contemplating her next victim volunteer for her ‘probably-due’ Vox-Pops. When urged to provide an interesting and meaningful quote, Jemima replied with, “I honestly never know what to say about myself…When someone asks me to talk about me, all I can do is think about all the the things I want to change and haven’t yet come to accept“.


JRNL101 – Portraits: Bethany


Residing in the dark, foreboding room of the Communications building of the UOW campus, Bethany reveals she has a variety of hobbies including making shadow puppets for no relevant reason whatsoever. In a probable distracted haze of creating abstract artwork that should clearly represent an animal of some sort, Bethany is put forth the question – What’s one thing you’d change in history if you had a time machine? “I’d eradicate Hitler and Joseph Kony“, she responds, clearly paying attention to the guidelines of the question.



JRNL101 – Portraits: Amy


To accompany the afternoon of guilt associated to our week long procrastination, Amy is asked what she would change in history in the event that she was given a time machine. After a lengthy thought, she replied, “I’d probably go back in time and stop Kim Kardashian from making her first sex tape and becoming so famous as a result of it. I’m so dang sick of hearing about all the stupid and unimportant events in her life. Like, I could not care less about the fact she dyed her hair blonde. Good for her but that is just not newsworthy in the slightest!”