Philosophy of SILTBDBIHFAWFIY Statement

This is apparently my statement concerning Something I’d Like To Be Doing But I Haven’t Found A Word For It Yet. So yeah.

I don’t study journalism for the sake of being a journalist. I don’t see being a journalist as a profession any more and I’m probably wrong in some way but I’m not keen on being intellectual or being informed on a weekend because effort.

I see journalism as a skill (because ‘hobby’ is inaccurate and sort of degrading), which I’m no good at. I study it to learn techniques and methods of interacting with information, which can be interpreted as information that you can read out of a journal or report, or information that you can read off a person.

There are people who write for the sake of writing, writing for the sake of compensation, and writing for the sake of informing. You can probably do all three at the same time but you’d always have a focus, something to prioritise. I’m sure that every person is capable of the latter, but it’s the lack of ability or medium to do it well which impairs an awful lot of us.

I want to be a teacher for the sake of informing people. I want to use teaching as my medium to, at the very least, to inform others because I’m well aware that I can’t write well and I just don’t have the patience or I’m just entirely reluctant to engage with an audience on a level that requires me to be somewhat creative. Because I’m really bad at that.


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