Semiotics, Fabienne Cherisma, and Perspective [GRAPHIC]

I’ll begin by writing that this post will contain some incredibly graphic images, but I’ll try and articulate the pictures and add the images beyond the further reading tag.

Taken in the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquakes, the first image shows the body of a 15 year-old girl shot dead, laying atop a small pile of picture frames. Unmistakable in how shocking the image is, it shows blood streaming from the site, down towards the photographer, with little to no interest shown by passersby who they themselves are scavenging what they can from the devastation of the earthquake.

The image quite obviously conveys disdain and disgust to what the girl was subjected to, and what she has now amounted to – just another tragic loss in a pretty fractured landscape.
It seems that the photographer(s) intend to suggest that she was shot for looting the picture frames, and it’s quite obvious how an audience would react to such shocking imagery. I mean, in a time of desperation, a near-child is shot for supposedly stealing from her local arts-and-crafts store?
The ideology this particular image warrants is that of an ‘understanding’ of the brutality and shear desperation people will go to in a third-world nation. I say this in a semi-sarcastic way in that the stereotypical opinion of an audience will be that desperation and cruelty would only occur in third-world nations, when this is in fact wrong.


The second image, while just as shocking and graphic, shows an even worse scene. So just picture, the same lifeless body of Fabienne strewn across only half of the frame, is contrast against the dozen or so photographers vying for the best angle of her body. I’m talking a whole 9 photojournalists just encircling her body, not unlike vultures.

The context behind the second of these images is simply put as the photographer wishing to capture a scene of his colleagues working in the field. Inadvertently this second image brings additional connotations surrounding the ethics and integrity of the media. While to be fair, regardless of the photographers’ presence, the girl would’ve remained dead however this doesn’t exactly instill a level of empathy and compassion the photographer was trying to establish within the first of these images.
The ideology within this image require the audience to think to themselves on whether the lengths that people go to to bring them news is ‘worth it’. And regardless of whether they think it is or isn’t, should these events be brought to light be considered less of a waste – because if people refuse to read or watch news brought before them, then why bother.

Anyway, if you’re feeling that curious, look at the attached images and additional sources below to give some accurate context to the images, and maybe write and say whether or not it’s justified to be that invasive for the sake of a story.




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