I wrote a thing!

Seeing as how I should probably stop putting this off, and am dying for something to fill my horrendous amount of free time, I’m probably going to write a thing. It might contain interesting words even.
I’ll probably hopefully refrain somehow from just like copy-pasting my about page onto this post, but I’m sorta sorry if I do.
This isn’t going to be some enthralling post about stuff beyond me, because I lack any ability to write…well, well I suppose. And it’ll most likely remain that way for the time being-ish.
I mean, I do hope to add to this, if I need to, or if it provides some purpose, but otherwise it’ll just be filled with my nonsense and whatever I produce.

ANYWAY, I’ll top this thrilling post with stuff I do, or like to do, or just stuff I have some vague interest in.

  • Binge-watching movies and TV, like ‘In Bruges’ and ‘True Detective’.
  • Trying not to let my motorbike murder me habitually.
  • Writing terrible words.
  • Wait, no that’s about it actually.

So yeah, feel free to say a word or like read my about page to learn stuff that you probably shouldn’t know already.

– Adrian


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